分享 人工智能賦能,5G基帶電路可定制化自動生成
pedget 20-12-11 02:42 PM
“5g 基帶電路和相關芯片是5g 基站和終端的核心,但它們很難開發,往往需要許多工程師數年才能完成。而各行各業發展對於5G的需求千差萬別,一些比較簡單的應用過程中如果也用高大上的電路是浪費的,這相當於殺雞用牛刀,而重新進行開發系統電路又需要我們投入工作時間、人力再重新設計研發。現在需要我們研發出一款系統 ...
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分享 Why a crystal oscillator is needed in the circuit
pedget 20-5-12 02:21 PM
In the crystal industry for many years, have you found any special relationship between the crystal parameters? Often we will find that the higher the frequency of the crystal, the greater the frequency error. And the smaller the size of the SMD crystal, the thicker it will be! In addition, SMD cry ...
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